the ultimate guide to wooden wick candles | 2021

how to care for your wooden wick candle

needless to say wooden wicks are quite different than cotton wicks, and can be a bit fussier to maintain. but don't worry, we'll share with your the best way to light, and maintain your wooden wick candle!

1. curing the wooden wick

did you know that it's not actually the wood that keeps candle flame going, but rather the melted wax that "fuels" the fire?!

the all chloé + crown candles are cured for exactly two weeks before they are ready for sale. in addition to allowing the scents to bind with the wax, it also allows the wax to completely soak into the wooden wick candle for better burning!

2. the first burn

the first time you light your wooden wick candle is by far the most important step. let me say that again, THE most important step.

the first time you light your candle you want to let it burn for at least one hour or as long as it takes for the wax to melt all the way around. if not, what you will experience is wax melt just around the wick (referred to as tunnelling).

candle wax has a "burn memory" meaning that all subsequent burns will follow the same melt pattern, so you want to ensure the first burn is the best. 

3. trimming the wooden wick

one of the most important factors is having a beautifully lit wooden wick candle is the length of the wick. the golden rule is: the shorter the better, and nothing more than 1/8 of an inch (or half a finger nail's length if you don't have your ruler handy!). 

all chloé + crown wooden wick candles arrive with the wick trimmed to the right height, but you do need to maintain the height after each burn.

before re-lighting your wooden wick just use a paper towel (or fingers) to pinch off the charred part of the wooden wick. 

4. don't overburn

yes, our candles can be quite addictive, but try to keep your lighting session to less than 4 hours each time. 

once your candle reaches 1/4 or 1/2 inch from the bottom it's time to say goodbye! burning the candle any longer than that can create a hazard with heat and create a smokey experience