the top 5 best personalized gift ideas for christmas | chloé + crown

the best personalized and affordable gift ideas for christmas 2021

holiday gift ideas | personalized candles in tin and jar | chloe + crown

if you're looking to spruce up your christmas gift game to something more personalized and authentic (and affordable), then continue reading!

we talked to our customers and did some research of our own to bring you a list of some of the most creative and fund holiday gifts for x-mas 2021. 

personalized christmas stocking stuffer ideas

more and more stocking suffers are becoming the new "christmas gift" which makes sense not only because stocking stuffers are fun little gifts but they are also affordable.

personalized stocking stuffer | scented soy candle | chloe and crown

one of our most requested and popular products every year is a personalized scented candle in our luxurious gold tins.

at chloé + crown we not only handmake our candles, but all our logos and labels are handmade in house so we can customize your very own holiday candle. 

personalized christmas gift packages

stocking stuffer check! next up is the main holiday gift for your loved one -- we recommend a custom gift basket where you can not only choose the items in the package, but also customize the logo as well.

the other reason why custom gift packages are so popular is that they fit a range of budgets -- starting from $20 all the way to a couple of hundred dollars.

holiday gift baskets | scented soy candles | chloe and crown 

You can mix and match different candle scents and sizes, or swap out a room spray and a reed diffusers. With our decorative and premium gift packages and customized labels, your personalized gift packages will truly be one of a kind.

unique secret santa gift idea

may families, including our own, have opted to have a secret santa instead of the traditional gift exchange. Not only does this add some fun and festivities to christmas morning but it gives you much more focus as you'll only be buying a gift for one person.

personalized secret santa | scented candle jar | chloe and crown


most secret santa gift exchanges have budgets of around $20-$40 making it difficult to purchase a thoughtful, personalized gift, that's also high quality and long lasting. the chloé + crown line up of holiday themed candles and home fragrances we can make sure you find the perfect gift idea.  

though some offices are starting to open up, many are still opting for a virtual gift giving session via zoom, and hosting a virtual secret santa gift session. unfortunately this might add some added costs for shipping, that's why at chloé + crown we include free shipping for our holiday gift orders.

gift ideas for your company staff

nothing says the holidays and thank you like a gift from the boss! unfortunately many corporate gifts can be rather boring and generic -- coffee mug, anyone?

one of our most favorite projects is creating custom gifts for special events like weddings, engagement parties, bridal showers, and yes, you guessed it, corporate events and conferences.

whether you work at a startup with a small staff or a large national office, customized gifts for your staff are fun, personal and can be delivered right to their doorstep.  

what better way to have your employees show love the brand than having your personalized candle all over their social media! #bestgiftever #worldsbestboss