private label

use the power of fragrance to enhance your brand in truly unique ways.

our ability to smell is directly linked to the part of the brain that processes memory and emotion. these traits are what make scent the most powerful of the senses. by adding your name to a one-of-a-kind fragrance, your brand will increase in recognition, stand out from competitors, and become synonymous with a top-notch experience.  by utilizing a branded fragrance, you will show clients and customers you care.

through our private label and wholesale candle program, you will be given access to hundreds of scents and our team of experts to help guide you through the creation of your own custom fragrance. unique to our program, you are in control of the process from the ratios of each scent to the vessel…because who can better tell the story of your brand than you?

what sets chloé + chrown apart from other brands is our quality of product -- from using organic and vegan ingredients, to our small-batch process.  chloé + crown candles burn cleanly and evenly due to our 100% pure organic soy wax, cotton and wood wicks, and premium fragrance oils.

we offer two ways to make your premium brand pop:

private label – take our existing products and add your personalized touch. it’s that easy. private label is taking our existing scents and creating a custom scent name & replacing our logo and branding with yours. private label orders can typically be fulfilled within a week, once we have a design finalized and have lower minimums with no design fee.

no label – this is the true way to make the product uniquely yours. we simply produce the candles with our existing scents in the vessels of your choice (4 oz gold tin, 7 oz mason jar, or 11oz glass jar) and ship it to you with no labels. you can then work with your team to create your own labels, scent names, and packaging. no label orders have a much shorted lead time and are 15% cheaper than private label option.

chloé + crown has created private labels for wide varitey of lines, including:

  • bridal boutiques
  • home decor and apparel shops
  • furniture stores
  • lifestyle brands
  • florists and wedding planners
  • hotels and restaurants
  • yoga studios

take a look at some of our past and current wholesale candles & private label lines below.

private label yoga studio

for more information and to get started on your custom candle line submit your inquiry at !